The New 42 Virtual Gala, honored Marc Spilker with the Marian Heiskell Award

NEW 42 GALA LEADERSHIPANGELS: Sarah and Eric Lane, Fiona and Eric Rudin

HOSTS: Shahara Ahmad-Llewellyn, Emily and Len Blavatnik, Toby and Leon Cooperman Family Foundation, David B. Heller, Peter Kraus

CO-CHAIRS: Orin Kramer, Mr. and Mrs. Scott Prince, Jonathan Sobel, Sarah Long Solomon and David Solomon, Gerri and Andy Sommers, George Weiss

VICE CHAIRS: Betsy and Philip Darivoff, Kim and Greg Lippmann, Laura and Kevin O’Donohue, Kate and Brad Peck, Suzanne Peck and Brian Friedman, Michael K. Rozen, Amy Jacobs, RUBENSTEIN, Henry Tisch

COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Barry and Lisa Bergman, Herman Berliner and Annette Schrader, David S. Blitzer, The FS Foundation,Jim Fortescue, Enrico Gaglioti, David and Beth Greenwald, Lance G. Harris, Sharon Coplan Hurowitz and Richard Hurowitz, Anthony R. and Lara E. Ignaczak, Robert Jain, Legacy 1, Allan and Karen Levine, Brian T. Levine, The David and Sondra Mack Foundation, David Moody and Eileen Guilfoyle, Jane and Daniel Och, Sheila Patel, Stefanie Katz Rothman and James Rothman, Meredith and Eliot Rubenzahl, Juan and Marianna Sabater, Mara Sandler, Ian Slome, Colin R. Stewart, Leigh Bishop Taub and David Taub, Amy and Jeffrey Verschleiser