Marc Spilker adds Matt Brinker as partner – in what he calls a ‘very selective’ talent add to build platform-for-RIA platforms outside Wall Street

Matthew Brinker is joining Merchant Investment Management — at a partner level — after pulling the parachute on his job ahead of Goldman Sachs’ takeover of his old firm, United Capital. See: Goldman Sachs closes United Capital deal and Matt Brinker, Joe Duran’s wingman, exits with social media swan song on same day.

Brinker, the long-time M&A chief and right-hand-man of UC founder Joe Duran, is making the niftiest of arbitrages to a firm led by executive chairman Marc Spilker.

Spilker is a Goldman Sachs alum who rose to co-head of the investment management division over a 20-year career. He left in 2010 and believes the best way to build a national wealth-management platform is outside Wall Street. Read the full story originally published on