M&A Dealmaker Alaris Acquisitions Partners With Merchant Investment Management

Alaris Acquisitions, a team of merger-and-acquisition experts led by Allen Darby that works with a select group of wealth management firms by sourcing, negotiating and closing new acquisition opportunities, announces its partnership with Merchant Investment Management, LLC. The partnership, which includes a non-controlling, minority investment from Merchant, will magnify the deal-origination services of Alaris, connecting local, regional and national independent firms with thoroughly vetted acquisition opportunities.

“Merchant has given us the resources and freedom to do our best work,” said Darby, founder of Alaris. “Our industry faces a tidal wave of M&A activity driven by succession, the race to scale, and the resources needed to give investors the best possible service. It is fast-moving, complex work, and we’re excited to bring a new model to the market for firms that are open to having partnership dialogues with our clients.”

“This is a durable investment in the success and growth of Alaris over the long term,” added Marc Spilker, executive chairman of Merchant. “Allen and his team will play a crucial role in helping our partner firms identify growth opportunities. Alaris’ independence and proven success at deal origination are inextricably linked. This is about giving Alaris the tools to succeed at what they do best.”

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