AdvisorAssist, LLC Today Announced the Establishment of an Advisory Board

AdvisorAssist, LLC, the independent wealth management industry’s leading regulatory, compliance and business risk management consulting firm, has formed a new Advisory Board that will include former SEC commissioner Troy A. Paredes. The Advisory Board is focused on driving the continued enhancement of expertise and strategic growth in the services that are offered to AdvisorAssist clients.

Mr. Paredes previously served as a commissioner of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission from 2008-2013. During his tenure at the SEC, Mr. Paredes played a crucial role in rulemaking and other regulatory matters across all aspects of the SEC’s mission and securities regulation. Since leaving the SEC, Mr. Paredes has run a consulting practice, Paredes Strategies LLC, providing services relating to financial regulation, compliance, risk management and corporate governance.

“We are very excited to have Troy bring his unique perspectives and experience from his time at the SEC and in the private sector to our team of business risk management and regulatory compliance professionals. Troy’s extensive background and expertise will be invaluable to AdvisorAssist as we serve our network of more than 500 independent registered investment advisors,” says Christopher E. Winn, CEO of AdvisorAssist, LLC.

“Sound risk management is essential,” Mr. Paredes explains. “This includes effective compliance that meets regulatory demands and expectations. It’s terrific to work with AdvisorAssist as it helps its clients meet these objectives.”

AdvisorAssist was founded in 2006 by Christopher Winn, a seasoned operations executive and former Chief Compliance Officer, who recognized the need for full-service support for independent registered investment advisors. AdvisorAssist was immediately embraced by RIAs that sought customized and strategic guidance in establishing, protecting and managing their growing businesses over the entire life cycle of their firms. For ongoing compliance and risk management clients, AdvisorAssist also integrates its proprietary technology, AdvisorCloudTM with its professional services. AdvisorCloud enables the AdvisorAssist team to proactively guide advisors through their “Year in Compliance” and stay ahead of the regulatory curve. Today, AdvisorAssist services over 500 registered investment advisors and over 2,300 investment advisor representatives with assets under management in excess of $90 billion.

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